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There's something going on just about every Friday night with the Spence Baptist Youth Group.
Sure, there's lots of things to do when the weather gets warmer as illustrated below,
but there are many other things the SBYG does, even in the winter!  Join in the fun and some Snow Hill worship!

Summer times means "Teen Week" and here is a group shot taken of the participants that night that that got muddy, then washed it off in the bay on "Wet, Wild, Wacky Wednesday" night.   If you can think of an activity, they have either done it, going to do it again or are glad to have another awesome summer idea for playtime!

After a tiresome night of fun, there's always drinks or some 'cool' treat to finish things up with.  Here, the ingenuity of our youth staff, brought out a six foot banana split / ice cream sundae.   Looks like there's not much left & they are getting every last chocolate-ly spoonful!

From summer kayaking & tubing, to Fall bonfires, or perhaps indoor swimming or Wii and other games at church during the winter to bowling or laser tag in the Spring.   Barn parties, free time at the gym, or

how about mini golf?  

Being a Christian teen in today's world is anything but boring!   You'll find friendship you never knew existed.

And what about God?
He is definitely at all our functions!
And we talk about Him every Friday night.  We have a lot of questions.  It's hard to believe that anyone cares so much for each one of us and wants to help us when we have a problem.

John 10:10    A thief comes to steal, kill, and destroy. But I came to give life—life that is full and good.


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