Pastor Ken Elligson

Welcome to the Spence Baptist Church website.  Spence Church is a family of
believers in Christ who all love the Lord Jesus, but struggle and fall along our
journey with Him.  We do our best to follow the way of Christ, to love one
another, and to reach out to those in our community and world with the Good
News of the Gospel.  We encourage you to check out the ministries of our
church and visit us sometime.  But more importantly, we encourage you to check
out a relationship with the God Who loves you unconditionally.  With so many
different religions in our world today, the last thing you need is just a religion. 
What you really need is a relationship that is real and growing.  You can
experience a living relationship with the Almighty God as

you invite Christ into your life.

Contact us if we can be of help to you in your journey through life!